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Scentsy Warmers Lampshade Collection

Scentsy Warmers Lampshade CollectionCast a dramatic glow with the Lampshade Collection of Scentsy Warmers. Stunning and colorful hand-blown glass vases [more]

Become a Scentsy Rep to Sell Scentsy

Become a Scentsy Rep to Sell ScentsyA majority of people become a Scentsy rep to sell Scentsy and help pay some bills, others want to work from home, [more]

Scentsy Plug-in Warmers

Scentsy Plug-in WarmersThe ideal size for the bathroom, hallway, or anywhere you need a dose of amazing fragrance. The NEW Daisy Craze, [more]

Scentsy Element Warmers

Scentsy Element WarmersElement Scentsy Warmers use a heating element to safely warm fragrant wax without illumination. Just right for [more]

Scentsy - Do You Dare!

Scentsy - Do You Dare!Scentsy, Inc. is a fast growing party plan company specializing in a variety of scented, wickless candles warmed in [more]

Bronze Vine Scentsy Warmer

Bronze Vine Scentsy WarmerThe Scentsy Warmer Bronze Vine has interlaced copper vines entangle a bronze-finished vessel with vineyard flowers and [more]

Scentsy candles provide your home with amazing scents, mood lighting and safety. Using fragrant candles can improve the general atmosphere of any home or area. Some natural oils have been discovered to possess special benefits for human wellness; for example, having energizing and invigorating effects while for other people it has been found to lessen depression and assist individuals to obtain a great night sleep.

You will find numerous reasons why buying a Scentsy warmer is much better than a conventional candle. The single most important element is value! Scentsy strive to create items which are appealing, high-quality & fun!

Scentsy Warmers Symbols CollectionA secret combination of high quality ingredients is utilized to create a pool of melted wax, which is transformed into Scentsy bars for your wickless candles! Only the best scented oils give an array of an endless aroma!

Scentsy candles are offered in a wide variety of warmers: Silhouette Collection, Toscana Collection, Patriot & Hero Collection, Campus Collection & the Miracle Collection, that come in different shapes, sizes & colors and will sure to match your decor!

Scentsy Plug-In Warmer

A plug-in Scentsy warmer is sized to fit into small spaces; for example, bathrooms, dorm rooms and laundry rooms. The Scentsy plug-in base rotates to allow for use in horizontal or vertical wall outlets. With more than 80 Scentsy scents to choose from, there is a scent to please everyone! Other Scentsy products include Scentsy room spray, scent circles for your car, travel tins, scent paks, fragrance foam, Scentsy perfume, Scentsy Buddy, Scentsy bars and Scentsy Layers.

Scentsy candles are excellent for corporate gifts, weddings, Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, and all other special occasions.

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Scentsy Purple Line

How Your Scentsy Warmer Operates

The unique Scentsy Warmer uses a low-watt light bulb to gradually melt our uniquely formulated wax, maximizing the fragrance time from the Scentsy Bars. Without any flame, soot or wick, the Scentsy candles are a really safe method to enjoy your favorite fragrances.

How the Scentsy System WorksTo Use the Scentsy Warmer

  1. Plug it in. Turn it on.
  2. Break off and drop in one or more cubes of your favorite Scentsy scents into the Scentsy warmer dish.
  3. Enjoy your Scentsy candles experience!

To Change the Scentsy Bar Wax

  1. Totally melt the wax within the Scentsy candles dish.
  2. Pour the melted wax into its original packaging to reform the wax.
  3. Thoroughly clean dish using a paper towel.
  4. Store the bar in a cool location or discard.

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Scentsy Wickless Candles Are an Excellent Value

When you buy Scentsy wickless candles, you are also making an investment. No more jars left to be thrown away after you’ve burned a candle. With Scentsy candles, you are adding to your household décor, plus helping to eliminate waste in the environment. You’re also saving your home and loved ones from the potential chemicals produced by jar candles. Scentsy bars of Wax do not evaporate, only the scent does, so, all you’re left with is unscented wax. Consumers are increasingly purchasing a Scentsy warmer to be a focal point for a room décor, and for aromatherapy-like relaxation and stress reduction.

Scentsy Wickless CandlesLet’s say a typical family burns a single candle a month, having a burn time of approximately 50 to 80 hours of use. Your savings using Scentsy wickless candles would be $137.40 per year. See the complete Scentsy candles analysis.

When you consider the Safety and Health advantages, combined with the additional savings over a jar candle, why would you buy anything else other than our Scentsy candles and Scentsy bars? Our lasting scent is one of the best in the industry. You still have your beautiful Scentsy warmer, as it’s a one time purchase.

Scentsy wickless candles add a new level of security to candle lovers everywhere and allow everyone to appreciate the lovely aroma that candles provide.

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Why Scentsy Candles

Here are just a few, of the advantages, you can expect by utilizing authentic Scentsy candles and Scentsy bars.Why Wickless Candles

There is no open flame, which means no danger of causing a fire around curtains or other combustible materials in your house or office.

Also, a Scentsy warmer is safer around small children and pets when compared to standard open flame candles. The wax in Scentsy wickless candles are warm to the touch, but not hot enough to burn children or pets. Scentsy plug-in warmers also make great night lights.

Scentsy wickless candles wax bars do not evaporate; only the scent does. This means there is no hazard of soot or lead being released into your house or office.

Scentsy ProductsThe soot from a traditional candle can damage the walls, floors and ceilings of one’s house, as well as your personal belongings. Remember, there is never any risk of this happening with our Scentsy wickless candles.

Authentic Scentsy candles can be utilized in areas that typically do not allow candle burning, for example company offices, dorm rooms, doctor’s offices, spas, beauty salons, assisted living facilities and classrooms. Scentsy wickless candles are excellent for realtors, teachers and office workers.

Ever since Scentsy signed up to be a member of the Direct Selling Assocation ( DSA) in 2004 and enlisted its very first independent consultant, the company has expanded operations and received several awards for expansion and ethical business practices, which includes honored with being the number one consumer products company on the 2010 Inc. 500 list., appearing on the 2010 Direct Selling News Global 100 list of top direct selling companies, and receiving the DSA’s 2010 and 2011 Success Awards.

Bottom line, Scentsy Candles have NO soot and NO open flame, thus are safer to use and ensure a lot more efficient release of fragrance.

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